Author-ity: tools for identifying Medline articles written by a particular author

  • displays clusters of papers written by the same individual,
  • is very fast (clusters are precomputed by an automated prediction algorithm),
  • is comprehensive (contains all names on all papers in MEDLINE/PubMed),
  • is static (only includes articles published up to a certain date)
    • Author-ity 2008: includes PubMed and MEDLINE up to ~September 2008.
    • Author-ity 2006: includes articles in the baseline 2006 version of MEDLINE.
  • permits further annotation and drill-down using PubMed and Anne O'Tate tools.
Alternatively, References:

  • displays a pairwise ranking of articles by similarity to a given index paper,
  • is slower (rankings are computed in real-time),
  • is up-to-date (includes the most recent articles in PubMed as well as old ones),
  • gives the estimated probability of author match for each pair of papers,
  • gives an accurate relative ranking,
  • however, the probability estimates do not include all correction factors employed in the clustering dataset.
  • Torvik VI, Weeber M, Swanson DR, Smalheiser NR. A probabilistic similarity metric for Medline records: a model for author name disambiguation. JASIST 2005; 56(2): 140-158.

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