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Author-ity Greasemonkey script for Firefox

Download and installation instructions:

Step 1) Install Greasemonkey (a Firefox add-on), if you haven't already.

    a) Point your Firefox browser to the Greasemonkey download page
    b) Click "Add to Firefox"
    c) Follow instructions
    Greasemonkey should now be listed in your Tools drop-down menu in Firefox
Step 2) Install the Author-ity script
    a) Point your Firefox browser to author-ity.user.js
    b) Click "Install"
    The Author-ity script should now be enabled every time you visit PubMed using your Firefox browser*
Step 3) Testing the Author-ity script
    a) Point your Firefox browser to PubMed
    b) Type in a query (e.g., microRNA AND Alu) and click "Go"
    The PubMed results page should look exactly the way it usually does, except that each author name should now have active hyperlinks to the Author-ity server.**
    c) Click on an author name

* You can disable the script using Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage User Scripts -> author-ity, and unchecking the "enabled" box.
** The Author-ity hyperlinks are active for PubMed results only when using the "Summary" Display format. This is the default output format for PubMed, except when your query returns a single paper. You can change the format using the Display drop-down menu.

Copyright © 2008-2009 by Vetle Torvik. Released under the GNU General Public License.


Last modified: Mon Nov 24 2008