Active Projects

NSF DGE / EHR 1348742, Collaborative Research: STEM Workforce Training: A Quasi-Experimental Approach Using the Effects of Research Funding , 9/2013-8/2017 (collaborative grant with Bruce Weinberg (Ohio State), Julia Lane (AIR), C Lee Giles (Penn State) Christopher Morphew (U Iowa) Barbara McFadden Allen(CIC)

NIH NIA P01AG039347, Innovation in an aging society. Core B: Data acquisition and construction , 9/2013-8/2018 sub-contract from NBER (collaborative grant with Bruce Weinberg (Ohio State), et al.)

Abbott Nutrition, Computer-assisted text-mining across biomedical papers and patents for competitive intelligence , 9/2015-9/2016

Completed Projects

NSF SBE (Science of Science and Innovation Policy Program) 0965341, Collaborative Research: DAT: From grant to commercialization: an integrated demonstration database which permits tracing, assessing, and measuring the impact of scientific funding, 5/10-4/14 (collaborative grant with Lee Fleming, UC Berkeley).

Deer & Company, Infrastructure and planning for informetrics analyses of patents, 7/2012-8/2012 (with David Dubin, UIUC and Derek Riddle, Deere & Co.)

NIH R21MH081099, Validating microRNA analysis in postmortem brain, 7/2007-6/2009 (PI: Yogesh Dviwedi, UIC).

NIH R21LM008364, Author name disambiguation in MEDLINE, 1/2005-7/2008 (PI: Neil Smalheiser, UIC).

NIH R01LM007292, Arrowsmith data mining techniques in neuro-informatics, 6/2001-5/2007 (PI: Neil Smalheiser, UIC).